Master-detail form

Dear community

I am working to develop a mobile app for data collection.
I have a special requirement that I wanted to email you to know if the same is possible using Kobotoolbox. My requirements are to create a master-detail data collection form with the following specifications:

  1. A main form with few details like the name of the surveyor, etc. The main form will remain static for 12 months or 12 details forms

  2. A sub-form to enter the name and details of the interviewee. This form will also be filled once per 12 months. See following link:

  3. Another form that act as a child form for the main form and interviewee details form. It gets mainId, intervieeId and name and add some more information like month and year, age, status like following second month and so on.

Please advice on how to a chieve it through Kobotoolbox. Is there any sample code ?
If not what is your recommendation for an alternative?


Welcome to the community, @Mahmudi! Have you gone through this support article? It should solve your issue: