Merging baseline household members and New HH members

Hi Family,
I have at hand, a follow up household survey instrument to deploy. I have been able to successfully preloaded all household members that were captured during the baseline.
However, as you may already know, some household members were not captured during the baseline survey due to migration, and there will be new members added, such as new babies. Therefore, I will need to add these new members to the list of current household members before asking the demographic questions in the survey.

To accomplish this, I would like to concatenate or merge the list of current household members with the new members to create a complete list. This will allow us to ask the demographic questions (Row 27-29) in a comprehensive and accurate manner.

I have been researching and reviewing all previous posts and materials on this topic, but I have not yet been able to achieve the desired results. With your permission, I would like to share the relevant files with you for your confirmation.

[aSfiGNpK7vHJir46m4EjSG (2).xlsx|attachment]
The form
(upload://kiCbLgZjIKnWJCy88rhtK8VI21F.xlsx) (14.3 KB)

hhhead_list.csv (239 Bytes)

preload(household members)
preload_hhsmembers.csv (2.6 KB)

aSfiGNpK7vHJir46m4EjSG (2).xlsx (14.3 KB)

I will be very grateful for if you could kindly support me in this situation.

I attached

@Sham_me, why not try using the dynamic data attachment feature to link the project to itself and update the record (repeat group) to add any additional new members to the family instead of using the pull-data feature? Maybe that would be an easy option for you.

Ok that’s a good Idea.
But sir, How do I go about using the “dynamic data attachment” . Can I get example

I will be glad

@Sham_me, you should be able to learn more about the dynamic data attachment feature through this support article: