Missing data in exported file

Hello, I am downloading the xlsx data from kobo and some forms are empty. However I see that it’s complete in the data table online and in the “sent form” in my phone. Is there any solution for that?

Welcome to the community, @Ar_MF! Could you also share a screenshot of the issue you are facing so that we could also visualize your issue pictorially?

In addition, please also let us know the server you are using? That would also help us when troubleshooting your issue.

Capture d’écran du 2023-03-17 17-54-22

Here are the screenshots, the first is the data in the table generated by kobo. However these data seem to be empty in the xlsx and when I view the form it also seems to be empty.

I’m using the free non humanitarian server

@Ar_MF, OK I now have two questions for you:

  • Are you able to see the data when you download them in XLS format?
  • Did you edit the submissions (in the server)?


  • I check it in XLS Format and I realized that for this submission (and some of them) the repeat group questions are missing but not all the data, however I can see the repeat group questions’data for the other submissions.
  • I didn’t edit the submission in the server.

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