Missing data in the Excel export

I downloaded the data via excel file, but I notice empty questions in the export file while they appear filled in in the Kobo display. I tried to change the export settings, but this does not change anything. I hope there is a solution to retrieve this data

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Hello @schopy2, welcome to the community. Can you answer the following questions so the community could help you better?

  • Can you tell us which server are you using? The humanitarian or non-humanitarian?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of the data is missing in excel?
  • Can you check if you made any updates to the form after you deployed it?

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Thak you for your answer.

I am using the non-humanitarian server.
Yes a minor update of the form has been made after we deployed it. However the date of investigation of the problematic questionnaires doens’t seem to be correlated with this update.
Please find below 2 screenshots identifying a form whose export doesn’t work.


@schopy2, could you provide me the following through a private message? Maybe I could have a closer look at your case.

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

You should be able to send me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

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It says that I can not send personal message to you. How can I override this issue?

@schopy2, you should now be able to send me a private message. If in case you should have issues, please refresh your page.

@schopy2, did you try downloading your data in XLS (Legacy) format to see if the data is there?

Yes I tried and the data are still missing.

@schopy2, did you make redeployments? i.e. added/removed the questions and redeployments?

Continuing the discussion from Missing data in the Excel export:

Yes we made a redeployment, with a change in a question.

@schopy2, could you provide me the _id for one such case where the data is visible in the server but missing in the download (XLS format)?