Missing Forms On Kobo Tool Desktop login

I can’t find my forms on the desktop login after deploying. But forms are on the phone app. Please how can I retrieve these forms on my desktop login? I will be grateful for any assistance

Welcome to the community, @Chimade! Could you share a screenshot of your project dashboard? We would like to see what it looks like?

I am experiencing the same issue and when I log in with a different browser I cant seem to find the last form created again on the builder but the form is still on my mobile device. Please I need you assistance. Thanks

@Chimade, I see you already have a topic for this issue posted to another topic. I have shifted it here so that we could systematically manage the issues in the forum that would help the search index.

@Chimade, could you log out and log in again? Maybe try it the same with a different browser or even with another PC to see how it behaves. Let us know what happens.

I am able to log in but I cannot see the last form I built on the builder on my browser but it is on my mobile device. The form name is “Kokona-Toto and Obi LGA Husk Power Systems Survey” which can be found on the screenshot of the mobile device but cannot be found on the picture of the builder browser

Same form cant be seen on the builder on the browser as shown below

@Chimade, is this the latest screenshot you made:


Do you still get this project in your app? If yes, could you try getting the blank form on another device to see if you are able to see the project there too?

No, I am not able to see the project on another device.

@Chimade, are you able to see the prject even when you remove them and try to get a fresh blank forms to your collect android app?

After clicking on get blank Survey I don’t see them on the list of survey to be selected. But they are just fixed on my project overview on the mobile device. And cannot be found on the model builder. Is there a way to recover projects from the model builder on my browser?

@Chimade seems like you once had this form in your server. You could have deleted them; that is why it’s not on the server anymore. This is another reason you don’t get it in Get Blank Form.

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