Missing media after manual bulk submission

I had to manually upload a couple of exported submissions as described here. The associated exported ZIP files had some images as part of the submission.

Everything looked fine, no errors, and I could see the submissions on Kobo DATA/table interface.

The problem is that I can’t find the associated media files when I download the ZIP file with the entire data.or with the individual process.

Any ideas on what went wrong? Is that a known limitation of the bulk submission tool? In that case, options to manually upload attachments and link them to the existing submissions?


I am manually uploading some submissions in Kobo by uploading the .zip files via bulk_submission_form
There are some image files also present in the .zip
However, after uploading - i cannot see the images in the Gallery

Hi @pankaj_prasad and @dterol

Combining your topics since you’re both facing a similar issue. I just tried to reproduce your issue, but did not have success. When I manually uploaded a bulk submission with images included, I could see all the images in the gallery and download them.

  • What servers are you using?
  • Did you export your submissions from Enketo web forms or KoBoCollect?
  • How many photos are you trying to upload and what are their sizes?

@mike.destaubin Thanks for the response.

In my zip file, i have .png, word file, xml file and outlook msg file. There is a question in my form where in the users can attach files as part of evidence collection

@dterol FYI…

@pankaj_prasad I take it you’re using the web forms then and not the Collect app? Also is your issue just the png images not showing up, or are there problems with the other attachments included?

Yep I am using the webform. The issue was with PNG and other formats

@pankaj_prasad Ive brought this issue to our teams attention and created a bug report, where you can follow its progress.