Missing media URLs and actual photo taken in downloaded raw data

hi community. I have this ongoing survey with a begin_repeat question block (open repeat count setting) and one of the questions within the loop is a required image type question. When we tried to download the raw data after a day of data collection (using KoBoCollect), some of the images taken are missing–no media URL and on the KoBoCollect sent forms list, the image question item is missing for some loops. please refer to these screenshots.

KoBoCollect Send Form with missing image

KoBoCollect Send Form with image (expected / correct)


@hm11, which version of the KoboCollect android app are you using? BTW, is the media URL missing when you download your data in XLS format?

hi @Kal_Lam , yes missing URLs

KoBoCollect version: v2021.3.4
Device name: Vivo
Device model: Y20s
Android version: 11

@hm11, did you also check the Include media URLs from the Advanced options as shown in the image below when trying to download your data?

yes @Kal_Lam , we ticked that option when we downloaded the data. the media URL column is available, some URLS are just missing

I think the issue is on the survey form. should we have placed the required setting “true” in row 28 instead of row 29 (i.e., begin_repeat row instead of the actual question for loop)?

@hm11, having TRUE in row 29 is fine. Maybe you will also need to ensure that all the form versions had this option checked when deployed. If they were unchecked maybe you could miss the images being submitted to your server. Could you confirm if they were checked TRUE for all the deployments?

hi @Kal_Lam , we deployed the project only once (version 1)

@hm11, so you have the image stored in the server, but the image URL is missing when you download the data in XLS format? Did I get you correct? If this is the case, could you track the _id of such a case and see if you can open the image from the server? This should help us troubleshoot your issue.

hi @Kal_Lam , the image is also not available on the server upon checking. to clarify, our main concern now is that KoBoCollect allows respondents to proceed and submit the survey even without photo entry despite the required setting in row 29

@hm11, are you sure that your team (enumerators) submitted the data (images) to the server?

unfortunately, we are not sure about that. we are just relying on the required - true settings of this specific question, that we need to take a photo in order to proceed and submit

@hm11, could you confirm this with your team? Doing so would ease us in troubleshooting your issue.

confirmed, no submitted image data from the enumerators

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So that could be the reason why you were not seeing the media URL for the repeat group. Besides, please be informed that the images will be mandatory only once you are set inside the repeat. If you have not entered the repeat group, it still could be optional to skip the group.

Will it be different if we also set row 18, the whole begin_repeat to required-true? Enumerators have a tendency to unintentionally skip or click on the wrong option-“do not add” instead of “add” when using KoBoCollect; hence we were hoping that we could set some controls for them to not skip any required items.

That could be an issue if there should be no images to be captured.