Missing project

I was updating the translation of a form in XLS form and uploaded it. I got an error but didn’t get a chance to capture what it was and then it deleted my project and all project data. The form no longer exists and my links to the json file show up {“detail”:“Not found.”}.

What happened and how do I recover it?!? Specifically the data that was already collected!! I can obviously just upload the XLSForm to get the form back but need the collected data

form ID was 551732 if that helps

Help please!!!

Welcome to the community @pcranley! Would you mind providing me the following information through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Maybe we could have a closer look at your case.

I can’t do personal message it says “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”

Maybe you could follow this post if you don’t know how to share a private message:

I tried the instructions and thats when I got the error that I wasn’t allowed to message you

Would you mind refreshing your page and giving it another try. It should work.

Received! In the mean time, could you also provide additional information on when did this happen? This information should help us better understand your issue.

sometime between 16:00-16:15 ICT today. About an hour ago

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Is this the project you are looking for, it’s still there on your user account:

No, that is a redeployed version of the same form I found under “Draft” hoping I’d get my data back. The original form number was 551732, this one is 594998 and has no data

How many submissions did it have?

I’m not 100% sure as the enumerators were collecting data at the time but thankfully we have only recently started and so about 15 or so I think. However they have already left the villages they were collecting data in and I really don’t want to have to send them back again.

How did you keep track of the missing project i.e. how did you know that it’s number was 551732? In general i don’t keep a track of the same unless i make same API call. Did you try to use some API call to replace the translations?

I had looked it up prior to get a JSON schema for some data reporting I’d like to build in the future. eg on https://kc.kobotoolbox.org/api/v1/forms

When this happened I thought that maybe the form number would help so looked again.

I use the kobotoolbox website to update it (i’m not sure how to do it with the API). I just go to the form and click replace form button, choose XLS form and then drag and drop it in.

Thank you for this. Will report this to our developers and get back to you soon.

Thanks, greatly appreciated

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One more question, was this project your own project (i.e. were you the admin for this project) or was it shared with you by someone else?

my own project

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Thank you for confirming!

@pcranley, i hope you have been able to retrieve your lost project by now. Could you kindly confirm. This was due to the following as outlined in the announcement:

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