Missing submissions when downloading data


Our tool is used for routine data collection from over 29 devices, we always update the forms and never faced data loss. and when opening the project detail on our account I can see the total submission shown in the upper right corner, however when downloading the data, we have multiple forms that are missing, We noticed that they correspond to a specific date, where all the forms submitted before it don’t appear when downloading the data.

I always check the box for “include data from all deployed form”, but still the issue remains. all new entries submitted are being recorded in the dataset when downloading but those previous entries are lost.

The picture attached shows the difference between number of submissions and the actual data available in the data set (9085 total submissions, 5769 entries showing in the dataset)

I would appreciate you assistance in helping me solving this issue.


Welcome to the community @Labouammar! Would you mind sharing with us the following information through a private message:

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@Labouammar your issue has been solved.

Thank you so much for your help!

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