Missing update of Label with calculate reference in Repeat - Enketo (Preview)


In Enketo (Preview) labels repeat group referencing calculate variables are not updated well. But it works well in KoBoCollect.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. See example
    HHRoster02.xlsx (13.9 KB)
    Enter 3 Household members (names) and check the following text field, which references a calculate variable.

Expected behavior

Labels should be updated. (As in KoBoCollect.)

Actual behavior

The label here ${references} the same calculated variable as the text field. But they are different (the label still references the first person)

Additional details

OCHA, XLSForm, Enketo and KoBo Collect (Android smartphone) current version.

The problem seems related to the calculate (update behaviour), because if you reference the ${NameHHM} directly in the text field label (instead of the calculate) it is updated well.

In KoBoCollect also the ${reference} in the label (title) of the repeat group works fine, but not in Enketo.

We would also like to understand, WHY this behaviour is different Enketo <> KoBoCollect

Hi @wroos,

Thank you for flagging this out in the community! However, also please be informed that the same has already been fixed in our next release (which should be shortly announced). FYI, please have a look at the test that i made (which shows that it should be OK with the next release):

Name typed in Enketo:

Name seen in the label in Enketo:

Have a great day!

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Dear @Kal_Lam,
Good news. Thanks.
But the label in the repeat grouup title still seems not updated in Enketo. But it is in KoBoCollect.
We experienced same problem (and difference to KoBoCollect) if you reference in a title of a additional group inside the loop.
Have a pleasant week.


Hi @wroos,

Yes, that could be an issue. Thank you for flagging it out!

Have a great day!

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Hello @Kal_Lam,

  1. Any news on this release?
  2. Did you report the remaining (title label) problem to GitHub? Link?
  3. Will this also be solved in this next release?
  4. Is there any workaround?
    Thanks in advance.

Additional information:
The problem seems more relevant in pages style, as generally there is only ONE title (first) for the group of repeats. (This is the same in KoBoCollect top repeat navigation.But there the title is changed correctly inside for the repeat cases)
But in pages mode things go wrong, even with an additional grouping. The label on the repeat is not updating. (But the referenced variable does!)

HHRoster03.xlsx (14.0 KB)

We tested again, and found similar problems also without page mode for the additional grouping (neither group label nor label for the last calculate variable is updated)

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