Mobile data collection - Configurations after OCHA migration

This support article still referencing as the server URL for mobile data collection. Is this still valid? for how long?


Often, using the search function of this forum can provide help, e.g. Server configuration in EU KoboToolbox server

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@wroos thanks but this is a different question. In my mobile app, I’m still using the old URL and it is still working today. My question is… how long will it stay valid? I want to know so I can plan when I need to update the server configurations on all our mobile devices. If the old URL would stay valid until end of Feb-24, then I do not need to do any changes.

Additionally, if the recommendation is to switch right away to the new URL “”, then the support article linked in my original question needs to be updated.

Hi @Kal_Lam,
Relating to several postings/questions in the forum, it would be preferable to update the Help Center articles for the OCHA migration (Enketo, Collect, AP,I, Rest services etc.) and even add an extra article there, please…

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@Isslam, this should answer your query:

This FAQ should answer your other queries: