Multiple forms per project per team


Just starting with Kobo Toolbox.

Struggling with the concept of a project versus a form. Is it possible to have (or group together) multiple forms within one project assigned to one team of users?

Use Case:

In our organisation, we have several running projects/programs. Each project/program has its own team and they run several data collections. Currently it looks like the terms “project” and “form” in Kobo are inter-changeable and same. However, we want our project team users to be limited to one “project” and then they can create multiple “forms” as per their needs within that “project”. This is somewhat possible with Ona. I also see that there is no concept of an “organisation”. Is it possible to have one “admin” account for all projects?

In other words, is there any organisational structure to organise projects, forms, and users.

Thanks | Abhi

Hi @asingh,

Welcome to the community! In KoBoToolbox we use the following structure and terminology:


There are 2 servers dedicated to users viz. HHI and OCHA. You could learn more through our support article here.


Once you signup with one of the servers listed above you will have a user account. We call this user account your username.

Survey Projects:

You could create different survey projects (which we also call as survey forms) under the user account you created.

Survey Questions:

Each survey projects, shall have questions or a group of questions.

Regarding your concern:

Maybe you could create a number of user accounts based on the different theme/sector that your organization has and each user accounts could mange their survey project within their own user account.

Besides, please also be informed that KoBoToolbox has a feature to share the projects between one user to another. For details, please feel free to have a look at our support article here.

Have a great day!