Multiple language support

I have a form that i want the enumerators to be visible in Marathi or English, as they wish to see it on their KoboCollect App.
How do i create such a form?

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Hi please review this article on our support page to learn about integrating multiple languages in your form -


Hi Mike.

This multiple language article is very useful. If I may add a comment - it may be better with a little more detail. When I added a language, I also needed to add a column for constraint_message, which is not mentioned in the article (it would be similar to point 5 about hints). It becomes obvious, but because I had to guess which columns needed it, I made some errors initially, like adding a language column to the constraint column, which created a load/deploy error which took time for me to work out.

Also, my forms didn’t have the mentioned column in the settings tab, but I did have to enter a default_language column, which wasn’t mentioned but I found referred to somewhere else.

This said, we love the feature. :):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi @Mohon_n,
In kobocollect apps, enumerator can switch easily any language you added.
Kobo has a good feature on it.

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Hi @Suman, thanks for the reply. Can you share a sample form where you have used the dual language feature. that will be great help for me in trying to create an XLSform for my project. I am currently refering to the article shared by @mike.destaubin to make it happen.

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Does this feature only allow system languages or you can add your own eg in Zimbabwe we have Tonga, Khalanga, Nambya, Nxhau (San langauge) the not so common languages. Will this allow that I add 4 different languages?

@bkgwadi, you are able to add language other then the one defined and used by the system. Besides, you should also be able to use all your languages as outlined in the support article Adding Another Language to your XLSForm and Adding Another Language in the Project Dashboard.