Multiple Users Accessing KOBO account


My organization has been running into various issues with not being able to log into our KOBO account (this appears to be the issue when multiple users log in around the same time). Is there a way to bypass this?

Thank you

Could you kindly provide the following additional information:

  • Which server are you located on
  • How many users are actually accessing this account?
  • By access, can you confirm which kind of access, is it submission, data viewing, or is it editing?


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I’m not sure what server I am located on. What would be an example of this? Three users are trying to access this account. In terms of access, I am referring to logging into the account. One of my colleagues tried logging in earlier today, and he could not (please see the screenshot below). The username and password are correct, but for some reason, this occurs at times when we try to log in. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


@farmstew, kindly please be informed that there are two servers (HHI and the OCHA) for KoBoToolbox. If you have an account in one of the servers and try to open your account through the other server’s link, you are unable to login. Thus it’s important that you login with the right link.

For an HHI account, try login through this link

For an OCHA account, try login through this link

What do the acronyms for each of these mean? What does HHI stand for and what does OCHA stand for? And how do I check and see which of these two accounts is the one that we have?

Maybe this support article Which Server Should I Use? should help you know what these two servers are for. You will have to login through the link shared above and then you will know where you created your user account.