My form has a note I have made mandatory mistakenly

Good morning Noble Team, this is Juliet Paku a user of Kobo. Recently I created a form and mistakenly made one of the notes( Heading) mandatory. I have collected quite a number of data which I saved as a draft. Now I’m unable to send the finalized from due to the mandatory note and there is no option for me to skip. Please what should I do? Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @chosen69! Since you are stuck in the middle of the data collection, I would advise you with the following:

  • Stop the data collection (so that no enumerators can continue data collection). You could do this by letting all the enumerators know that you are having a small problem and you wish to fix it.
  • Upload your data manually as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions that you could not submit to the server.
  • Once all the collected data are on the server, edit your form (survey project) to make the mandatory response False or `No’.
  • Redeploy the form.
  • Inform your colleagues/enumerators that the form has been updated. So with this, the enumerators will either have to get a new blank form to their app if they are using the Collect Android App or refresh the data entry URL to get the latest version of the form.

Once all these are done, you/your team should be able to continue data collection smoothly.

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Thanks for the helpful information

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Please what if the data was collected using the Kobo app on a tablet and not a web form?

The support article shared above should help you upload the data manually from both the web form and the Collect Android App.

Well noted with thanks

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