When I delete some questionnaires on the server will it affect the ones on the tablet?

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Hello Team,
Please when I delete some questionnaires on the server will it affect the ones on the tablet ( will the same questionnaire on the tablet be deleted). Thank you

Can you explain what your requirement is, what do you want to achieve? E.g. stop submitting data?

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Questionnaire resubmission
I want to delete the questionnaire on the server and reupload the question on the tablet unto the server. Since I have made some additional entries on the questionnaires on the tablet.
I want to know if by doing that as in deleting the questionnaires on the server will affect its copy on the Kobo app.
Thank you

@chosen69, once you delete the questions from the server, you must deploy/redeploy the project. Doing so will not automatically update the form at the enumerators’ end (unless the enumerators are using the Enketo online-only submission method or online-offline submission method and are also connected to the internet (constantly). If an enumerator is out of internet reach, they must update the survey URL once to get the updated questions deployed in the server. Otherwise, they will collect data from the old form even though it is updated on the server. The same case is applied to enumerators collecting data with the Collect Android App. The enumerators must also update the blank forms by pressing the Get Blank Forms.

I hope I answered your query well.

If you delete the questionnaire/project on the server,

  • you will lose all existing submissions
  • you will no more be able to upload data for this project, from current or previous form versions.
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@chosen69, this is when you delete the project from the server. So be careful when managing your project.

Please I did not mean deleting the project but the responses the participants have given that has been manually uploaded to the server.
I want to delete those on the server and reupload them. But I want to know if deleting the responses will in any way affect its corresponding form on the Kobo collect app. Thank you

@chosen69, did you mean you wanted to delete the entire submission from the server, or did you mean you wanted to delete specific responses (responses to a variable/question) from a specific submission (case) by editing the response?

I want to delete the entire submission

I want to delete the entire submission and reupload manually

Could you also provide details on this?

Deleting a submission from the server should not affect the data collected on the device. However, I would advise you to make a dummy project, make dummy submissions and submit them to the server. Then delete the submissions from the server to see how it behaves at your end.


Sure, I will do that.

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@chosen69, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

I’m unable to send my forms as a finalized form due to an error in one of the quetions. So I saved as draft and uploaded manually. Now I want to delete the one I uploaded to the server because I have made some entries on the saved form and later re upload. Thanks

Please I am unable to save my form as draft with a name. Please how can I go about it?