My other user account not recognised

Hello. Please, I added users on kobotoolbox and all were accepted because they had been been activated. I how’re discovered that only the main user (project account) was recognized. None of the 7 users I added was recognized under the server, username, password options in the general settings. And hence, none of them can be linked to the instrument. What can I do please. Kindly help.

Welcome to the community, @pilaf_1234! Did you mean you were not able to share your project with other users?

Thanks for getting back. I actually shared, using the add user function in the kobotoolbox. All of the users were accepted, 7 of them. However, I discovered that their accounts cannot be linked to the project after imputing their details in the general settings option.

Sorry, could you share a screenshot of your issue? Did not understand it very well.

So you mean you get this message when trying to Get Blank Form from the server to your Collect android app?

Yes exactly.

This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thank you. What I did was this. I created a project in the web based kobotoolbox using user name xxxxxxx, password: xxxxxxx on the url:
.(I can private chat you my details if that will not negate your policy). Then I Created Seven users account using the same email i used for the project account. I then added the seven users. One of the users for example is xxxxxxx, while I tried to connect each to the form via kobocollect, the. The problems I complained about rrsulted. Kindly see the posts down to see the problem encountered for the user ‘xxxxxxx’

I really will like you to kindly help solve this problem asap, as time is seriously against me. Otherwise, I might be forced to begin the process all over again. But then, what assurance have I that this will not repeat itself?
Thank you.

You should now be able to share the project and see it in the user account that you shared in the community. The issue was that you had shared the project but unfortunately the account was not active. I activated the user account for you.

Note: When going through your account I also observed that other user accounts were not activated. So I activated them too. Moving forward please ensure that after creating a user account you will receive an activation email from the system. You will then need to click the activation link to activate your user account. If you fail to means you will not be able to use them smoothly (you will have to go through the issue like you just went).

Wow, thanks so much. The issue is now resolved. I really appreciate your prompt response. Meanwhile, can you tell me the step by step process of doing the activation for subsequent additions. Thanks

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So the flow should be as follows:

  • Create your user account.
  • The system sends an activation link to your mail.
  • Activate them by clicking the activation link.
  • Once this is done, you could start sharing your project with these users.