After deployment for testing - login asked

Hello, i just worked on a HH questionnaire in Kobo. I want to have it tested by the surveyors - preferable as a webform. When i deploy the form (which is working fine), and share the URL - it starts asking for a login. Very strange.
How can i avoid that?

Hi @zoa_harm,

Welcome to the community! Your problem seems interesting. Could you kindly brief out the process of what you did so that we could test it on our end and see if we see the same problem; as generally the Enketo (web version of data collection form) does not request for a login even if you have checked the “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” which you will find it under ACCOUNT SETTINGS (from where you log-out). However, if you have checked the same, you will see login request while trying to collect data using KoBoCollect (mobile application).


It seems indeed i had the “require authentication” bocked ticked. When I untick it the issue seems solved.

But in my opinion I had just created a regular survey and wanted to deploy it in the test environment in webform, so surveyors
did not have to use the app and could just scan a QR code (maybe an idea for Kobo as well) with their phone to get started

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