New bug in KPI when adding question to groups?

FYI I noticed what appears to be a newly introduced bug: when dragging additional questions into a group they will appear to be added ok, but if you save, close and re-edit the form these questions will no longer be inside the group.

Hi @Xiphware Are the questions turning blue when you add them to the group?

Indeed. The questions you drag into the new group turn blue. Saving, closing and reopening the form these question have gone back to being ungrouped.

I take it, ‘blue is bad’? :slight_smile:

Running Firefox 68.0.1 on Mac OS X 10.14.6 (if it matters).

Thanks for the additional information @Xiphware. It sounds like its the same bug another user is experiencing. Are you able to share the form, so we can try to reproduce? Also, what server are you using?

Actually, even the simplest form will do it: ‘New form from scratch’, add two text questions, group one of them, then drag the other into the group (blued). Save. Close. Edit… Bam :frowning:

Try to add Q2 to Q1 group, save, close and re-edit:
aDGTKMmJpAbedTfdoqTwnL.xls (5.5 KB)

Thanks. I was able to reproduce, but found that oddly if you’re using the formbuilder and you place the question in the top part of the group and not at the bottom, the issue doesn’t occur. The questions don’t go blue and they stay in the group after saving.

We’re having one of our developers look into it.

I noticed the same error yesterday. One temporary workaround is to export to XLS, fix the worksheet, and import back into Formbuilder.

BTW, I’ve see this happen dragging a question into the top, middle or bottom of an existing 2-question group. Also, dragging these ‘blue’ questions in and out of the group results in weird behavior (eg other questions getting dragged out!)

That is indeed very odd and problematic. Thanks for the added info!

This is still an issue.