New KoboToolbox Essentials Course: Early access for our community

Dear KoboToolbox Community,

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new KoboToolbox Essentials Course! Plus, we’re offering early access to the course for members of the KoboToolbox community.

Our dedicated team has designed this course specifically for our users. It covers a range of skills in data collection, including creating and deploying forms, mapping data, creating reports, and more advanced features like skip logic and cascading selects.

With easy-to-follow lessons and practical exercises, you’ll learn how to leverage KoboToolbox to collect, manage, and analyze data more effectively. When you complete the course, you’ll receive an official KoboToolbox Essentials certificate.

Interested in taking the course? Get early access by signing up for the early bird list here before Friday, June 30, 2023 and receive special discounts!

As one of our early bird participants, you get access to the course before the official launch, as well as an opportunity to provide us with your feedback.



Intéressé par le nouveau cours KoboToolbox Essentials ! je viens de vous lire, puis j’ai je n’est pas accès au lien d’inscripttion. Je viens demander l’accès au lien pour s’incrire et participer à ce cours Essentiels que j’ai tant chercher.

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I missed the early bird registration for this course, is there another opportunity for me to register for this training?

Hello @HIGTH and @m_m_n ,

Sorry to hear that you missed the early bird registration window! At the moment the online course is in its beta testing phase, where we collect feedback from testers (the early bird students) to ensure the content is useful, effective, and free of errors or inconsistencies.

The course will be officially released in its final version in early August, and you will absolutely have the opportunity to register at any time from that point forward.

Thank you for your interest in the KoboToolbox Essentials online course, we are really looking forward to see you both there once it is released!

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