New Support Article: Dynamic Data Attachments [Case Management]

when I linked both parent project and child project then collected data through parent project,can these data appears in child project?

I think that would make the expression very complex.

why when I collect data using Web Forms,my submission are not appears and it has no any notification

@dmollel, could you explain this with a screenshot? It would be helpful for us to understand it pictorially.

if the project can be a parent and child in the same time, can we dynamically link two projects so that they are both parent and child to each other?

Welcome to the community, @dralaahassan! That should be a bit complex.

Hello everyone, I’m thinking of testing dynamic data attachments and using them in our projects, but whatever I do, it doesn’t synchronize.I would be very happy if you could help me with this. I am attaching screenshots and xls forms. I could not understand where am I making a mistakes.

**When I write retid in the child project, I expect the name and surname in the parent project to appear automatically but it doesn’t work. Many thanks for your help. @Kal_Lam

Child.xlsx (12.5 KB)
Parent.xlsx (10.9 KB)

@anilgnydn, please note the following while designing a survey form with Dynamic Data Attachment:

Please try the exact xlsform shared in the support article to get used to with this feature.

Dear @Kal_Lam thank you for you reply. When I use the exact xls form in the article I get the following error while opening the child project. I would appreciate it if someone else could try it and let me know if it works.

Or if you don’t mind I could share my account info with you for you to check.

Could you try it out with some modern updated browsers (that holds the latest version) like Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc.?

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Hi @Kal_Lam many thanks for your help I solved the problem it was not related to browsers it was related to naming issue, I forgot to change imported data name as survey. Now It is working properly.

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Hello @Kal_Lam , I want to ask a new question, can we add more than one parent project to a child project (there are more than one province in our project and I want to find the correct data by checking all of these information from different projects). If we can add more than one parent project to a child project, how do I write it in the calculation part of the xls form?

instance(‘survey’|‘survey2’|‘survey3’) is this calculation correct ? many thanks.

@anilgnydn, yes you could add more than one parent project to a child project. This should not be an issue.

I understand, but I don’t know how to write this in xls form(calculation part), can you help me with that?

For example ; instance(‘survey’)

How can I add my other parent projects to this calculation part. Assume that my other parent projects names are “Survey2” and “Survey3” can you use these names in the calculation formula please

The same way how you link the child project with the parent project. The only difference is that in the support article it shows how to link the child project with the parent project. But in your case you will have 2 parent project for the same child project.

But we named xml-external as “survey” in the support article. and after we import parent project we renamed it as “survey” so I need to import more than one project and i don’t know how to add their names in the formula below my question is related to syntax.

instance(*survey’)/root/data[P_Demographic/P_SN = current()/…/C_SN]/P_Demographic/P_Name

So you will now need another xml-external for your other parent project. Doing so, you will also need to make adjustment in the calculation syntax that pulls the information to the child form.

Ok think that my other xml-externals name are “Survey1”, “Survey2”,“Survey3” could you please add these xml names to below formula because I can’t find which section to write and what punctuation to use

instance(‘survey’)/root/data[P_Demographic/P_SN = current()/…/C_SN]/P_Demographic/P_Name

Dear @Kal_Lam please see attached file and can you tell me where I am making a mistake in my syntax?

Will test this out and maybe update the article accordingly.

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