No answer option - adding hyperlink to question - display several questions to respondents at once

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if I should ask the questions below seperately. Let me know if I shoud.

I would like to do following things, but after reading several questions posed by others, I still can’t find a solution:

  • I would like to explain a part of the questionaire, whereby the respondents do not have to click an answer to state that they have read the explanation. Right now, the best sollution I can find is letting the respondent click “ok”. Is there a better way to handle this issue? (don’t mind the not-working image, I was already helped very well with this issue).

Thank you so much in advance. If it helps others to share the questionnaire later, I would be pleased!


Maybe if you are trying to use it for an informed consent then the answer would be yes as discussed previously:

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That’s an option!

Thank you again!

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