Not able to download data


Any one please help me , I am not able to download data from Kobocollect panel.


Hi @dipendra

Can you tell which server you are using?

The core team is investigating the issue:

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Thank you for prompt reply
we are using

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Dear all,
I have the same problem since this morning, unable to download the survey data. Can you let me know if this issue will be resolved today?

I would also like to know if I can continue to collect and synchronize informations in the field without running the risk of losing my data and that I can download it later?

@dipendra, @ulmer_niango, we will update you when this issue is resolved. FYR:

@dipendra, @ulmer_niango, this issue has now been resolved.

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Thank you Kobo team… You’re the best!


Thank you so much :slight_smile: you are the best

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Dear Kal_Lam, I am new to Kobo, I collected data on old version of a form in a Kobo server and made some editing to the main form before uploading the data. Now I can’t send those data and it giving attached error messages.

Please assist in solving this problem