Not able to login

Hi i couldn’t able to login even i entered the correct id & password and i tried resetting

the password then also its not getting login.I am attaching the image for your reference, please help me to solve with this

Have you tried either of the two blue links (“Skip the password; email me a login link” and “I forgot my password”)?

What happens when you try these?

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Once i give forget my forgot my password its sending reset email to the registered email id and once reset the password the same error is showing

@kaphepatitis, kindly please be informed that there are two servers (HHI and the OCHA) for KoBoToolbox. If you have an account in one of the server and you try to open your account through the link for the other server, you are unable to login. Thus it’s important that you login with the right link.

For an HHI account, try login through this link

For an OCHA account, try login through this link

Both the links are throwing same error as before

I am attaching the image again after trying the link which you sent![step2|690x437]

Attachment removed by @stephanealoo since it contained personal idenfiiers

I sent the error image again. please check that and kindly help me in solving this

@kaphepatitis, could you send me your username through a private message? Maybe I could have a look at it closely.

How can i send you username through private. I couldn’t find any privacy things. sorry for asking soo

You could do it as discussed previously:

I couldn’t able to send personal text

You should now be able to. If you are still facing issues, please refresh your page and it should allow you to send one.

@kaphepatitis, your user account is in the OCHA server. Try logging it through this login link:

Tried again its showing the same error

OK, would you reach us through We shall reset the password for you.

Thanks now it got log in. thank you so much for helping in time

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