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How can we take some notes in a particular question if field researchers want to make key information regarding that question which is not covered under the pre-defined options?

Hi @Kalendra,

Welcome to the community! You could capture additional information for a particular question by adding another text question (optional) just behind your main question. It would see something like this:

Q1. Which fruits do you like? (Question Type: select_one; Mandatory Response: Yes)
Q1_A. Would you like to add any additional information for Q1? (Question Type: text; Mandatory Response: No)

It would see something as shown in the image below:

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Thank you @Kal_Lam for your response. This is not an exact solution that I am looking for. I am a new user for Kobo and used CSpro before, it allows us to keep notes in every question as we want without adding an extra field. I would be happy if we can do the same thing in kobo. Please have a look at attached file that I took from CSpro for your reference!

Hi @Kalendra,

If you are looking for this feature kindly please be informed that this is not available in KoBoToolbox. Maybe you could make a request in the new feature request here.

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Hi @Kalendra
This future is not available on the system as mentioned by @Kal_Lam.

However to have a workaround, you should consider adding a text question for each question which allows someone to optionally add comments to it. This text question could be made to appear on the same group as the question so that they are on the same page or separately. Please note, this will create additional variables for every question that you add.


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