"Object" Error in certain data records


I’ve noticed my data in Kobo suddenly encounters an “object” error. When I view my dataset in Table, one or two data records (at random) display “[object Object],[object Object]” in a calculated field column. These data records do not get downloaded into xls file when I export. These are records which were perfectly fine but at random flip to show this error.

How can this be resolved?

Thanks a ton!

Would you also mind sharing with the community the screenshot of your issue? This should help us to better understand your issue.

Note: When you share your screenshot, please also try to share a full screen so that we should be able to track the server you are using which has issues in it.

Attaching a screenshot - pls see column Study ID which usually shows the error.

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@test_amrutha, could you share with me your username through a private message?

@test_amrutha, I made a quick scan to your survey project but could not see the Study ID variable as you show in the screenshot.

I had to delete and recreate a record since I was on a tight deadline. Could I reach out to you if I encounter this again?

Also when I update my data and export as xls, the update is not reflected immediately. How do I resolve that?


How long does it take?

How long does it take?

Its been 4 hrs and yet to see it updated

Facing “server error 500” now

Hi again - I see that the data updated yesterday is yet to be reflected in the XLS export. Could you please assist?

In project Index, Fulan column #6 is updated in the table view but has blanks in export version.

Sorry, could not identify the column number you are trying to refer to. FYI …

OK, did you mean this variable:

Yes, that is the one

Hi @test_amrutha

Could you please confirm if you are still having the error and most importantly, the delays?


Yes I’m still facing delays. It has been 3+ days but am yet to see it updated.

@test_amrutha, I had a deeper look at your issue and could observe that your survey project had a total of 7 deployments.

Screenshot from DATA>Table:

Screenshot to capture the total number of deployments:

When I checked the the questionnaire from the first deployed version, I did not see the question Fulan.

But when moving on to the 7th version I could see the variable Fulan.

So this is the reason why you see some missing cases for this variable. If you had the variable form the very start you should not have lost the entries for the same but as the variables were added to the survey later on some cases are missed.

Yes, this variable was added later but I had updated the “Fulan” fields for those collected historically. Hence all data entries show a date in that field now (when I see in Data → Table). But when I export this updated data as xls, it shows blank fields.

My point is - despite me updating all records with “fulan”, it is only reflected online in table format and not in excel.

@test_amrutha, under the DATA>Table view you should only be able to see only the first 30 records. So maybe you updated or saw only the first 30 records. Could you ensure that you have updated all the 169 records?

Confirming all 169 have been updated

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Great! I could see the same when verifying it at my end. Could you also let us know on how you updated the same. Please provide us the exact steps so that we could also replicate the same at our end to see if we are able to reproduce the issue.