Odk (enketo) freezing filtering default values and preloading

Hi ODK Team. This is Joe Phiri.
My form has a Project Section, where it has an ID which when selected, it filters records on the narrative that match the ID. The narrative has a select_multiple field with defaults values under the lessons learnt, these are filtered on the Project ID when its selected from the project ID page and preloads the data from CSV.

  1. The problem is, the form freezes for about 1 minute before it finally loades the narrative section with preloaded entries of the default values. See image below of how it freezes.

  2. Secondly when the ID selected on the project does not match any ID on the narrative select_multiple for project IDs, the form loads the number of times of spaces on the default values of the lessons learnt. see image below.

I can share the form privately, please help.


Hi @osmanburcu , @Kal_Lam and the community, I urgently need help with this.

Hi Joe, if you drop me the from i can check. I need to understand the form better because Select_Multiple works little bit different compare the select_one in pre-loaded csv files

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@joe.phiri, please also be informed that the loading time for a form depends on how complex the form is; the total number of questions used in the form and the total number of choices used in the choices sheet.

Hi @osmanburcu Kindly see the attached form. See line 9 highlighted yellow, where the user need to select the project id, Line row 27 the user selects the form (Narrative). Line row 649 based on default matching values should load data from the csv in a begin repeat count loop.
M and E Data Collection Tool27Sept2023 (10).xlsx (165.0 KB)


Thanks @Kal_Lam

Is there anything can be done to improve the load and prevent the browser from freezing?


Hi @osmanburcu @Kal_Lam

I have shared the form Privately for your review and hep.


dear @joe.phiri I tried to review and understand your form, it is to complicated and i don’t have enough time for it yet. I will come back to you asap

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Thanks @osmanburcu Looking forward hearing from you and the community.