ODK pull with errors and unable to export

Download latest version of Briefcase (v1.18) and put the app in its own directory.

Launch Briefcase, reset all Briefcase’s preferences, relaunch it, and chose a new and unused storage directory.

Now see if a pull works. If the pull works, then try an export and decryption.

If any of the above fail, post the briefcase.log to this topic.

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Hi @JD22 please follow @yanokwa’s great suggestion with a fresh installation.

I just double checked on my end and I’m able to pull data from any project in my KoboToolbox account with Briefcase 1.18.

Error getting batches of instance IDs: Unauthorized

This makes me wonder if there is some permissions issue. Are you using the account that is the owner of the form (both in the URL and in the username and password you entered into Briefcase)?

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Thanks @yanokwa and @tinok for your suggestions!

I’ve done as @yanokwa suggested and unfortunately the problem remains the same. The message I get when trying to pull the data is still:

Start pulling form and submissions
Start downloading form
Form downloaded
Start getting form manifest
Got the form manifest
Start getting submission IDs
Error getting batches of instance IDs: Unauthorized
There are no submissions to download
Success with errors

… and when I’ve tried to export I get this (which isn’t surprising, assuming it hasn’t pulled anything through to export):

Export has started
Export has ended
Exported 0 submissions

@tinok - yes I am using the original login created when the account and the forms were set up - this is the one my colleague used when she set everything up, and she and I have both had success previously in pulling and exporting data.

This problem ended up being a combination of two things:

  1. “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” not being checked allowed ODK Briefcase to see a list of blank forms without authentication (even though a username and password were supplied).
  2. The password supplied to ODK Briefcase was not correct; this caused the Error getting batches of instance IDs: Unauthorized failure when attempting to pull submissions.

For anyone reading: in the future—I know I will—please try a simple login to https://kf.kobotoolbox.org/ (or whichever server you use) to verify that your credentials are correct before trying to use ODK Briefcase.


We will be adding this information to our documentation; see Document encryption trouble-shooting when password is incorrect · Issue #279 · kobotoolbox/docs · GitHub.

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