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Retrieving an offline Form is not clear to me.
A KOBO article said they were stored inside the browser but how do you find it? What do you type into your browser’s address box?
Also, how do we assure that the offline version will maintain the media which was included in the online version? Often media are stored separately and the browser needs to find them.

Hello @tom8195t,
Did you already go through the help center article, please?

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@tom8195t, in addition, you could also go through this support article Manually Uploading Submissions.

Thanks wroos

I read the article. The only thing I saw about saving was below. I hit the copy button, pasted the url in an email, sent to to myself, opened the url, input data to the form, saved the draft so it was cached. I tested and could open the same one again I could but the image was not there. Then I turned off the internet, clicked the url again in the email and the browser said NO INTERNET so I could not access the form. So these 2 issues have me perplexed. I believe I saved as per the instructions in the article you directed me to. The other issue of the logo image missing is less serious but maybe it is a known bug.
Thanks again.

Thanks Kal - that article was related to exporting data but unfortunately it does not cover opening an offline form. I just sent in a reply to wroos maybe you might have a better idea of the issue I’m facing. I expect there is a way to do it, but the method is not mentioned in the article which I read.

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@tom8195t, do you need to get access to the completely filled up form or a saved form?

Hello @tom8195t (and @Kal_Lam),

  1. The problem/bug with the image (of the form) was reported recently
    (But doesn’t have priority for the developpers, see GitHub,)

  2. Reopening of a saved form with the link should be possible, except the browswer cache was emptied (or the briwswer version was updated).

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It would be a saved form. So that the person filling it out can first initialize it online then have the ability to access and add more data to it when there is no internet availabe. Thanks

Solved. When the form is saved by Chrome, it can be retrieved. Thanks

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@tom8195t :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

Hello @tom8195t,
I am sorry, but we don’t seem talking about the same.

  • A draft form is saved offline by the “Save as draft” button at the end of the form (Enketo), as explained in the help center article.
  • But saving a webpage is a general browser feature!
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Oh, probably your solution is nice and clean, while mine is not.
How do I find the draft form that is saved offline that you refer to?

Hello @tom8195t,
You may have a look here:

@Kal_Lam: Might be helpful to add your explanation to the help center article? (

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Thanks wroos. I agree with your suggestion. Let me include my views while they are fresh.

“Collecting Data through Web Forms” has a section for Android devices which describes a nice and clean method to save the form and easily retrieve it called “How do I save an offline web form on a mobile device?”

It would be helpful to add a section for computers called “How do I save an offline web form on a computer ?”

This should state that the url one receives by email can only be activated if one is online.

It can be made clear to the user that the saving of versions of the form to access later depends on knowing how to save the form where it can be found on the computer.