Only ask for Year and Month in Date type question

I have added the appreance as month-year but In the survey it is still asking for the full date, including the day, I want the form only ask for month and year

type name label::English (en) appearance
date Expiry_date What is the expiry date of the product? month-year

Welcome back tot he community, @Hassannasiri! Would you mind checking what has been storage in the server (to see if that has worked as expected)?

It seems that it also store the day as well, I have inputed the day as 12

You may have used the previous version of your form here. Please, make sure that you redeployed and use the new version. Furthermore, when I test it, I don’t see a time part in the table view and in the xlsx Excel export.

The representation in the table view and in Excel will still be a full date format yyyy-mm-dd (EN locale), with default 01 for day. (If you use appearance year, also the month default is 01).

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That was my fisrt palce to go and check but unfortunatly that is not the case, it seem that this appearance,“month-year” all togeter is not working neihter for input nor for output

Can you share the related part of your XLSForm, please?

@Hassannasiri, if input, it works … here is a sample of the same …

But for output, it does not, as it’s just the appearance, and the day 1 is stored in the dataset along with the year and month. So you will need to remove the day manually later on.

Supercube.xlsx (24.9 KB)
Here you are

Sorry, would you mind to first check the form with the Online validator and correct the errors and warnings, please,

It should work then

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