Option to send email notification to users if their submission is edited / validated


Is there any way to send email notifications on submission edit / validation to respective users who sent that submission.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @shb,

Would you mind having a look at the discussions that has happened in the past regarding automated emails here. It should provide you a way out.

Have a great day!

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Thank you for sharing the link to discussions. Will check them.
I am not sure how I missed them ( probably because I searched only for notifications :frowning: .)

Thank you again !

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Hi @Kal_Lam, this link you have added is not working. I want to send emails to everyone who is filling out the form based on the email they submitted in the form. Please let me know how to go about this

@eeshatariq, try checking this link out. It’s a post that has been discussed previously.

No this link is for sending emails to the form creator for each new submission. I want that the respondents enter their emails in a field and then an email is sent to them after they submit their response

Hi @eeshatariq

This future is not available within the platform and we do not have any documented workaround from the community.

If the users are filling in their form using the web-based approach, why can’t they just print their form directly to PDF prior to submission?


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Hi @stephanealoo I basically want to just send them an email confirming their response to a particular question which requires a document being uploaded. And, if they haven’t answered it, I want to trigger an email to request them to send it via email when they get a chance. I cannot make the question required as they may not have he document on hand, and so might forgo filling the form altogether.

HI @eeshatariq
Unfortunately, we do not have a documented approach to execute the approach you have just indicated.


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If you want a commercial solution I can help you with it, please contact me by DM.

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Hi There,

Yes you can do it. Follow exactly the same documentation previously mentioned, but changing certain things. I had exactly the same issue. Just check this images out.

When you are creating the REST Services within Kobo, add exactly the name of the field as I showing you in the image below (group/name of the field in xml). It’s in spanish but that field belongs to email address.

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Sorry, I´m a new user and I have a restriction, I can just add 1 embedded image per response. Herein the rest

In the MS Flow side add the email field in the To as is shown below.

I hope it helps.


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Welcome to the community @osaumet! Thank you for sharing your wonderful workaround. Kindly please note that you should now be able to upload more images as required. If you are still not able to, please refresh your browser. It should then solve your issue.

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