Owneship of Kobo Collect Account

Hie. I would want to ask. What identifies the owner of the KOBO Collect Account between the Username and email address?

Could you kindly brief your query so that we could answer them better? Are you referring to your KoBoToolbox account or are you referring to the settings under the KoBoCollect android app?

Dear Kalyan

Thanks for the response. I am referring the KOBO Toolbox Account which one creates. For example, my username is xxxxxxx and the email for communication xxxxxxx@gmail.com

Well it’s basically for the following purpose:

  • To register the username with the specific email id (for uniqueness)

This helps us identify the user (precisely) when the user has issues with KoBoToolbox making us easy to troubleshoot.

To be frank. I created a personal KOBO Collect Account whilst working for an organisation and the username was in my name, but I used the organisational designated email for alerts.

After leaving the organisation, I changed their email on my account and placed my personal email.

The organisation is now saying me, demanding ownership of the account. This brings my question whether a Username is the owner or the email address (which I changed)

In my humble opinion, i guess it’s the content (dataset/projects) your organization is demanding for (as your organization might be in fear that the data be misused). Besides, i also think it’s a matter of mutual understanding between the account holder and the organization.

Thanks for the response. As the Account holder (username), I gave them the data sets (in excel sheets) and I wish to use the account as I am still a researcher. So, is it proper for the organisation to demand ownership from I the Account holder?

As said earlier, it’s something you & your organization could manage with a mutual understanding. There is always a possibility to open as much user account as you wish with KoBoToolbox (and all for free).

Thanks so much

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