Parent and child form data fetching

Hello Community, I want to do a medical survey for a remote tribal people. The form will consist of A baseline survey form, registration form and different follow up A , B , C forms. I want to assign an unique ID for the person and it should fetch the data from the baseline form with all the information that has been given at the time of Registration to follow up A then the at the time of Follow up B the unique id should fetch the data to Follow up B which was filled in Follow up A form and so on. I also want to know if the form would be able to fetch the data if theres no internet connection and the form has been submitted to the server already. I tried fetching the data but it doesn’t work. Can anyone please help me design the forms or help me understand how to make everything work.

Welcome to the community, @ccras! You should be able to learn more about the same through our support article:

I tried using a pre built form from the internet.
Registration.xlsx (7.9 KB)
it fetches data when i upload this form without any changes. the follow up form is which i have changed but now it’s unable to fetch the patient data. Can anyone please help?
Follow up.xlsx (8.8 KB)

Create forms with unique IDs linking data across multiple surveys for seamless information continuity and effective data retrieval.Ensure offline data sync capability post-submission for seamless follow-ups. Troubleshoot data fetching issues for solutions.

How do i do that. Thats the main purpose which i want to achieve and I am not able to do it. Please any help would be appreciated.