People reported that they completed the questionnaire, but the data does not appear in the online database

Hello. I have a project on the platform and I have a problem with data collection. I witnessed a person who submitted a completed questionnaire, received a confirmation message, but his details are not in the online database. At least 5 other people got in contact confirming that they filled out the questionnaire, but I didn’t find their data either.
How should I proceed? Is there a way to check if there is a problem with the questionnaire?
I can send the login and the name of the project via a private message if necessary.

Welcome to the community @cosmerl! Were the data collected through Enketo or where they collected through KoBoCollect android app?

Hi @cosmerl
Kindly confirm that this problem still exists?

If the problem exists, could you please confirm the following:

  1. Do you have verification that they actually submitted the data?
  2. If yes, kindly provide that form of verification, this would point to the data collection method.
  3. If No, kindly indicate which data collection approach was used.

In all the scenarios, kindly indicate when you started seeing this issue?


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Thanks. The data were collected through Enketo.

Hi, thank you for your attention… One person from the research team confirmed that at least one participant sent the data. However, I did not find the data for this participant in the online database. We use the enketo for data collection.
Is there any delay in sending the data to the online server after completing the form?
I was thinking that maybe people could have closed the browser before this period. Does this thought make any sense?

Yes, when collecting data through Enketo, if you close the browser before you see the confirmation note the data gets stuck in the browser. In such cases, you could request your enumerator to open the link again from the same browser and submit the data. If and incase, the enumerator has cleared the cache of the browser the data gets lost.

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I was thinking it could be something like that. I will post a notice for participants to wait at least five seconds before closing the browser. Thank you!

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Yes, they could safely close the browser once they receive the confirmation message.

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