Permission for Cloning

I don’t want to clone only one project. Can I do it?? Because I have over 100 users with one account. Some of these user cause duplicate data.
(Note: My data collection tool is the kobocollect app but some person’s fault was login kobotoolbox web link and creating a clone data.) How can I control it? Do you have any ideas?

@zinnweaung, in this case, you could do the following:

  • You already have an admin account by now. So create an enumerator’s account.
  • Share your project with the enumerator’s account.
  • Restrict project access to the enumerator’s account.

In doing so, the enumerators should not be able to access your admin account and manipulate the project that you have deployed.

For details, you could also have a look at this post discussed previously:

Hi Kal-Lam,

Please see the above photo. I was shared my project to the enumerator’s account. But some enumerators do that it clone. That cause does not arrive at the data for my project. Please suggest and help me.

@zinnweaung, do you have two accounts (1 admin account and the other enumerator’s account) for your survey project?

Yes, I have two account. One account is my admin account and the other account is other enumerator’s account which is over 100 users ( :grinning:)

@zinnweaung, did you set the row-level permission sharing for the enumerator account?

Hi @Kal_Lam
I share permission like this.

@zinnweaung, when you share a project, the user at the other end can clone it. If you wish that the user should not be able to clone it, then please feel free to create a new feature request here.