User account for enumurators


We have developed a form on Kobo and want to send the enumerators in the field to collect data using Kobocollect mobile app. We are trying to share the form by creating a user with limited access. However, we are unable to find an option to assign the password to that user. Could you please guide as to how we can create users with limited access and then how we can assign them password which we need to provide in Kobocollect mobile app.

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Welcome to the community, @popict! You can follow the steps outlined below:

  • Hope you have already created an admin account. An admin account is an account from which you have deployed your survey project.

  • Create a separate enumerator account. The best option will be if the enumerators create an account for themselves. This way, you will not be stressed managing passwords for each enumerator’s accounts. You should be able to create an account by following our support article Creating an account on KoboToolbox. Your enumerators will need to create accounts in the same server from where you have deployed your project. If they create an account on a different server, you will not be able to share it. e.g., if you have deployed your survey project through the non-humanitarian server, your enumerators will have to create their accounts under the non-humanitarian server. Likewise, if you have deployed your survey project through the humanitarian server, your enumerators will also have to create their accounts under the humanitarian server.

  • Share your project from the admin account to the enumerator’s account by following the support articles Sharing Your Project and Managing Permissions and Row-Level Permissions.

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Thank you so much @Kal_Lam
I now got the bottom line that we have to create a separate account as we created an admin account for the creation and deployment of the project. I was actually trying to create the enumerators accounts within the admin account I had made.
thanks a lot