Please help (with skipping)

Hi all, I have a large set of questions with many skips. For the sake of example here, if there are 5 questions with option (select_one) “yes” & “no”. If Q1 is “no” skip all other questions. If Q2 is “no” skip all other questions and so on. So if I mistakenly select “yes” in Q3, I will have to select options in Q4 and so on. But after some time I realized that there is “no” in Q3 and I selected “no”, why do I still see the other questions? (Is there any way to make other questions disappear, without making them “uncheck” one by one). Thank you

@rehanmaqbul, we would appreciate your making a single post for a single issue. Making multiple posts for the same issue will distort the search in our community.

Thank you for your kind understanding!

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