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Hi all, I have a large set of questions with many skips. For the sake of example here, if there are 5 questions with option (select_one) “yes” & “no”. If Q1 is “no” skip all other questions. If Q2 is “no” skip all other questions and so on. So if I mistakenly select “yes” in Q3, I will have to select options in Q4 and so on. But after some time I realized that there is “no” in Q3 and I selected “no”, why do I still see the other questions? (Is there any way to make other questions disappear, without making them “uncheck” one by one). Thank you

@rehanmaqbul, you could group your questions and then add skip logic to the group if you wish to skip many questions. Here is an example of the same:

Thank you for the response. I am uploading 3 images. The first one is “I filled ‘no’ in every question”.

The second one

is “I filled ‘yes’ in Q3” and the below questions can be viewed. (I want to hide) and the third one

"The original flow. If ‘yes’ is selected all below questions are skiped.
Regarding your group solution. (These questions are in the same group)

@rehanmaqbul, you could also have nested groups (groups within a group) to fulfill this skip pattern.

Thank you Kal_Lam. I did it the same way. Only the question in the same group are shown. Anyhow issue is resolved.

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