Possibility of User access to his/her own submission

Hi all,

is there any possibility to allow a user to edit his/her own data once it is submitted?
I am thinking of adding an option in the sharing menu an option similar to what exists in the View submission option. Pls refer to the image here:

This could solve the issue of a user wanted to update his / her own submission.
In the current version, a user can already view his/her own submission, the only additional update would be to allow the user to edit the data he/she submitted

Many thanks

@lazasoa, this is a work in progress feature which should be live very soon. Till then you could follow the status through the GitHub issue:

Will however, let you know when the feature is live with KoBoToolbox. At the same time you could also have a look at our roadmap that should give you some hints on when the same would be released.

@Kal_Lam Many thanks! Sounds great.

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