KoBoToolbox Roadmap / Release Plan

This is a high-level overview of upcoming features and improvements. Note that dates and details may always change, so check back regularly.

To request or propose other features, please consider creating a new thread in the suggestion box.

Early July

  • Dynamic linking of project data
  • Row level permissions for editing or deleting submissions
  • Improved data exports (addressing multiple formpack issues)

July-September 2021

  • Improved table view for accessing collected media files
  • Ability to create manual transcripts of audio files
  • Ability to create translations of transcripts or text responses

October-December 2021

  • Creating automatic transcripts using natural language processing
  • Adding machine translation for transcripts or text responses
  • Ability to track usage across projects

Under discussion

  • Two-factor-authentication
  • Formbuilder improvements
  • Case management
  • Multi-level user management