Possibility to edit submissions from within Excel/Power BI (automatically linking back to Kobo)

Hi Everyone,

I have multiple forms that are linked using dynamic data - I need to clean the data regularly to make sure the forms link properly (common mistakes such as spaces etc.) for the enumerators to be able to use the data in the follow-up form.

I’ve pulled the data into Excel/Power BI to get a good overview of entered data, and automatically created red flags to ouputs that have an incorrect format - however I would prefer immediately being able to edit the data from within my Excel file (feeding back to Kobo since the data is used again in the next form) if possible, as it saves a lot of time (compared to looking up these records in and editing them in Kobo Toolbox). Any suggestions/ideas?

Many thanks!

Hint: You might also do some “cleaning” already during initial entry, e.g. using normalize-space() function to clean spaces, or translate() or regex() to control input.
See https://getodk.github.io/xforms-spec/#fn:normalize-space

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@mirjamspd, pulling data in Excel Power Query or the Power BI and making changes in these platforms will not update the data in the server. You will need to make changes to the server.

That is perfect actually, thanks for the tip!

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Bonsoir à tous,
je suis dans la même situation.
Imaginons par exemple qu’on a 5000 Soumissions auxquelles on doit apporter des modifications,
s’il n’est pas possible de modifié avec Excel puis ramener à kobo, y’a t-il pas un autre moyen de faire les modifications en saisissant directement dans le tableau des soumissions ?
Vos suggestion et idées me feront plaisir. Merci!

Bonsoir @afpe22,
Vous pouvez utiliser bulk edit, voir Help Center article Editing Responses in Multiple Submissions — KoboToolbox documentation

Merci à vous @wroos.
J’ai essayé avec cette méthode,
ça ne résous pas complètement le problème parce que chaque soumission a une modification différente à apporter.
aidez-moi svp, avec si possible une autre méthode.

You can use the bulk edit also when you select only one case!
But be aware, with bulk edit, there will be no data consistency checks, e.g. relevant, constraint. “Validation logic and calculations within your form are not re-evaluated.”
See Editing Responses in Multiple Submissions — KoboToolbox documentation