Practicality of creating multiple enumerator accounts

Good day!

I do have a question regarding enumerator accounts. Is it practical to create individual accounts for 2000 enumerators or one account will suffice? If we’re are going to use one account, how can we differentiate the data submitted by one enumerator using this account compared to other enumerators using the same account?


Hi @james_murillo
The purpose of the enumerators is to purely collect data. I would say creating 2000 accounts would definitely be unnecessary and laborious since you have to create each one of them uniquely and share the project with each of the 2000 accounts.

My suggestion would be to create a single account or some few accounts e.g. for each continent or region.

I believe your users will be using unique data collection devices. Ordinarily, I would have used the UUID for each device. However, since this is not reliable in all scenarios. I would recommend you generate unique IDS for the 2000 users, using a particular random system and then distribute this to them. You can then use this unique ID to be able to identify the person collecting the data. From experience, if this is tied to a reward system, the compliance is always higher.


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