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This is regarding prepopulated files(Vedio, Audio, PDF). We need a default files(Vedio, Audio, PDF) to be displayed when the form opens. The user should not be able to access the files, should be read-only format.

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Hi @keerthi
Just to be sure that your issue is clear, could you provide detailed example of what you really want to achieve. A logical flow would be helpful in this case.

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Thanks for the responds,

To pre-populate image we will use “media::image” and please find the below screenshot for your reference.

And in this same way instead of pre-populating the image we need to show video, audio, PDF files and URL links.


Hi Keerthi,
We have the following explained within the following article

You should be able to add a column for the other media type i.e. media::audio media::video

On the issue of PDF and URL, I suggest you look here even though I have not tested this myself.

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We have tried in the same process which you have provided for Video, Image,Audio. but it is working fine for Image and Audio, it is not working for Video (unable to upload the video)
Please find the below screenshot for your reference.


Could you put the video on the label itself?


Yes, tried it but the label coloumn itself says that it just displays what we give in the Excel sheet.

How come the video will play, could ypu please explain briefly?


Hi @keerthi, @adepuk,

Users should now be able to use the video file in KoBoToolbox: