Prefill fields via URL

Hi guyes, I have problem with prefilling a form field from an URL parameter.
I’m trying to use link like Enketo Express for KoboToolbox to fill a1 field, but any solution I found on the forum doesn’t works.
Maybe, I can build-in a JS code to my form to parse redirected URL and place needed part into right field? Or is there some other native mechanism solve the task?

Hi, VadimK

I am currently using the prefilled forms a lot, you link is correct but i think it might be because of the question name, can you share your xls so i can review it?

here is an example: Enketo Express for KoboToolbox

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Unfortunetaly, I can’t upload the file as a new user, so I sent the link.

@VadimK, would you mind trying to share it again? You should be able to. If you still have issues, please refresh the page.

Hi, friend! I attached the file for your review, kindly ask you to help with this issue.
Registration Dobre.xlsx (71.1 KB)

Hello! I see no problems with your code or link

I see the problem, Here is your mistake and solution:

Your mistake is that when you try to inject data through the link, you need to add the group name to the link as well, if you don’t include the group name, it will not work. It was working in my form and in the documentation because the questions were not in a group.

Your solution is, “A” is the group name, “a1” is the question name, you need to combine them as [A/a1]

Enketo Express for KoboToolbox or you can use it as Enketo Express for KoboToolbox. Both methods are working perfectly.

I hope this is what you need.

Thanks for your support!!!