Preventing a user from returning to a previous question

Is there a way to prevent or disable a user from returning to a previous question after they have answered it? I don’t want them to change their answer as they go further into the survey.

Thanks so much!

There has been some discussions on other forums around this functionality. However this is not fully implemented at the design stages of your form. You have to settle for the following approaches

  1. In later versions of Collect there is a “Moving backwards” setting in Admin Settings > Form Entry Settings. When an administrator unchecks this option, they can choose to also block other settings that make backwards movement possible (edit saved form, jump to question, etc). When using this setting, you will generally want to set an admin password so a user can’t bypass it. This is only applicable if you are the one controlling/issuing the devices for data collection.

  2. The second workaround is for situations when you don’t have control of the collection devices (PS: I have not tested this though :blush:). You may need to create a hidden calculate question that collects the first response provided and does not change even if the person changes the original response. Let me provide details on this step

  • You would create the original question as intended e.g. Q1. What was your age at your last birthday?

  • Create a second question which keeps a record of the first value entered regardless of the changes. For this you need to take advantage of the **once()** function which prevents multiple evaluation by only evaluating the expression passed into it if the node has no value. That means the expression will be evaluated once either on form open or when any values the expression depends on are set. In this case the formula would be once(${Q1})



Thanks Stephane!

I was able to disable the moving backwards on each of the devices. That worked great!

Much appreciated!