Where is "Admin Settings"?

Good morning ,
I have a question , yesterday I read this answer

and i noticed presence of " admin settings " that I couldn’t find in my account , is it limit to type of accounts ? or what is the problem?

Thank you

Hi @mohammed_alser,

Welcome to the community! Yes, according to the post (the one you have selected), if you configure your KoBoCollect android app’s settings you will not be able to edit the responses once entered. For this, please follow the instructions as outlined in the image below:

Step 1: Open the KoBoCollect android app.

Step 2: Once your KoBoCollect android app is open, press the three dots (as boxed below):

Please note, the location of the three dots may change based on the brand of your smartphone.

Step 3: After pressing the three dots, select the Admin Settings (as boxed below):

Step 4: Then press the Form Entry Settings (as boxed below):

Step 5: Then un-check the Moving backwards (if you wish to restrict users from editing the entries once made.

Have a great day!

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