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Hello, When I try to preview my form, I get the error message: “There does not seem to be a allow_choice_duplicates column header defined in your settings sheet. You must have set allow_choice_duplicates setting in your settings sheet to have duplicate choice list names in your choices sheet.”

I know that others have asked this question before me and gotten help from you to resolve the problem, but I’m unable to use the previous conversation to solve my problem. Perhaps it’s because I am on the insight level of “chose and click”, and don’t really understand how the program works…

My form worked fine until two days ago, when I added some questions to it. The research team is set to start the data collection next week, so I’m a bit desperate to fix this fast.

Help would be highly appreciated!


Welcome to the community, @mitikuk! Kindly please be informed that it’s an issue with your xlsform, which you should be able to fix by validating the same through this online validator.

You should also be able to learn more by following the post discussed previously:

If you still have issues, please feel free to share your xlsform with the community.

still can’t be fixed.

Maybe the community should be able to help you out if you share your xlsform with the community.

here is the xls form

@mitikuk, would you mind sharing your xlsform instated of the link?

ar6jSkXAnhZ3TEEMhqLp3q.xlsx (31.8 KB) this is the xls form

@mitikuk, while validating your xlsform with the online validator, i found this issue:

This means, if you go to the choices tab of your xlsform and then search tn9om40 which is located in row 101 to 107, you will see row 106 and row 107 with the similar name:


The best option to overcome this is by providing a unique name as shared in the second post (linked above). So basically, you will need to keep fixing and validating it again until the online validator no more shows any issue.

thanks a lot.

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how to allow_choice_duplicates setting kobocollect in settings?
can you show the steps please?

@mitikuk, you could set this as outlined in the post that has been discussed previously: