Printing a submission as PDF

I have a similar problem.
we have more than 900 submissions of a family diagnosis, and we need to print each submission in pdf, the diagnostic form brings hundreds of questions and when trying to print using the enketo form, it brings all the questions in the form, including those that have not been answered . is there any way to print in blocks or does this job have to be one by one?

the enketo form as a visualization option and not only in editing would help a lot in the process, since we could employ more users to do the task without worrying about data manipulation.

Welcome to the community @fredmarques! You will have to print it manually one at a time. The system does not have a built in function to bulk print them.

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thanks for support Kal, but when printing to pdf the submission comes with this information in the header, is there any option to remove it?
Sometimes the PDF is broken.
kobo submission

Could you list down the steps to reach this place.

You could print a submission by following the steps outlined below:

  • Go to DATA>Table.
  • Then select the submissions you wish to print as pdf. For this you will need to select the pen like edit icon.
  • Doing so you will be redirected to a different page. A filled up enketo form. There you should see a printer at the right top.
  • Select the printer and you should be able to print the submission.

I then select the submission on the eye like view icon.

OK, try the pen like edit icon as outlined above. But please note that you should not make any changes to the submission form while following this method. Then simply press the printer like print icon.

The ability for people to be able to view completed submissions (e.g. to create pdfs/print them) without risking changing/editing anything has been requested under Ability to *View* completed submissions in Enketo (and ideally pdf them) and is being actioned for a future release it seems :slight_smile:

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