Problem in Default Text

I have an issue with the attached text not appear at all, could you please find a solution for this issue.
Default Text.xlsx (10.6 KB)

Try this and it should work:

Reference xlsform:

Default Text.xlsx (11.2 KB)

But the project code consists this symbol - can u let kobo accept that

Hi @ammaar_al_nofaish
Unfortunately, when a symbol is not part of the conventional naming for project names (code), we cannot modify a single user. I would recommend that since the project code is particular to the project’s creator, it is much easier for the creators to align to the project name rules than seeking an entirely new modification of the rules.


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Hi @ammaar_al_nofaish, I tried setting your default value "YEM-000254-03" rather than YEM-000254-03 (just surround with quotes "") and it seems to work :ok_hand:

Note that the ODK XLSForm documentation recommends against surrounding default values in quotes, but it seems to work anyway:

The text in the default column for a question is taken literally as the default value. Quotes should not be used to wrap values, unless you actually want those quote marks to appear in the default response value.

Despite that warning, the quotes did not show in either KoBoCollect or Enketo:

  • Enketo
  • KoBoCollect

really you are amazing, thanks a bunch dear Josh. you did your best.