Unable to add KoBo user to share permissions

I’m attempting to add a KoBo user to a form, but am unable to invite them. Previously, when typing in a username under the “Invite collaborators”, the invite button turns blue when the username is recognized. However, KoBo is not recognizing the user I’m trying to add (and yes, the username is spelled correctly!). Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi @vklopez,

Welcome to the community! Please try out the followings to share your project with other users: Select SETTINGS>Sharing>Invite collaborators.

Once you are here (as shown in the image above), you will see an area where you are allowed to Enter a username. Type the KoBo username correctly here. Then to its right side you will see an area with select mentioned. Here you will have the following options to select View Form, Edit Form, View Submissions, Add Submissions, Edit Submissions, Validate Submissions. Select one of them and press INVITE. If you wish to provide the user multiple permissions repeat the process by entering the same KoBo username (you entered earlier to provide permission over your project) and then providing another permission and then providing the INVITE again. You will need to repeat this process until you are done.

Yes, this is exactly what I did. But the username I typed in - which, again, was typed in correctly- is not recognized.

Hi @vklopez,

Please note that sharing projects between the humanitarian server viz. the OCHA server (humanitarianresponse.info) and the non humanitarian server viz. the HHI server (kobotoolbox.org) is not possible. Sharing projects with other users is only possible within the same server.

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I had a question on the multiple options for sharing. If I grant another user “Edit Form” permissions, do I also need to grant them “View Form”? It seems like “Edit Form” should imply a higher level of permissions, so that subordinate permissions are included. Is that the case? Same question for add/edit/validate submissions. If I need to give complete permissions to another user, can I just allow them to “validate submissions” and “edit forms” (which to me seem the highest levels of permission) or do I need to do all five steps? Also, is there a way to transfer ownership of a form?

I am also looking into permissions. Here is what I have found so far:


Permissions are grouped together, and additional permissions can be added by selecting the same username and selecting another choice from the dropdown list.

• View Form
• Edit Form + View Form
• View Submissions + View Form
• Add Submissions + View Form
• Edit Submissions + View Form and View Submissions
• Validate Submissions + View Form and View Submissions

I do not know about transferring ownership of a form. Good question.


Thanks @jblackman. So from your grouping, if I want to give a user all possible permissions, I would need to grant them “Edit Form” + “Add Submissions” + “Edit Submissions” + “Validate Submissions”, correct?

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That seems correct. As you add the permissions to the user, you will get a display of the permissions that have been added. So, if you add Edit Submissions you will also see View Form and View Submissions.

Note that only the owner can delete a form. Not sure about archiving - have not tested - but probably the same.

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That seems correct. Also, it seems like it’s not possible to remove yourself from a form. So if a user adds you to their form, then you cannot remove yourself!

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I can see how that could be annoying, but it makes sense. I guess you would have to send a message to the owner asking to be removed.

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